Quotes from a Meanspo Thread

Here are some quotes I’ve taken from a Meanspo thread on a forum I’m a member of 🙂 I hope they help you as much as they’ve helped me.


No more setbacks you pathetic excuse for an eating disorder.

Stop complaining. You are too fat to even CLASSIFY for an eating disorder.

Your weight is shameful. Honestly, it saddens me to see someone who could be so perfect to ruin themselves with pizza and cookies.

Oh, excuse me. You NEED that food?
You don’t need it. You WANT it. You fat piece of shit.

Look at yourself in the mirror and be honest. Call things as you truly see them.

Just cause it TASTES good doesn’t mean it’s gonna LOOK good in that new bikini you swore you’d fit into one day.

Come to think of it, you have to be the first person I have ever met with actual ROLLS OF FAT all over their body. It’s repulsive.

Oh, you’re gonna eat? I’m sorry. I thought you wanted to be skinny.

Your thighs remind me of the ocean. They are both seemingly endless, and if you pat your thigh, it has a current just like the ocean too.

If you can’t even hold yourself from a couple of cookies, you definitely don’t have what it takes to be perfect. Better luck next time.

You’re hungry? Too bad, cow.

I’d cringe if I had to watch you eat. Gross.

Have you lost weight? Just kidding. You look even fatter than yesterday. I didn’t even think that was possible.

IT’S THEIR FAULT, RIGHT? They’re the reason you’re fat. LOL, NOPE. You’re fat because you’re fat because you’re fat because you’re fat. You’re fat and it’s all your fault. Disgusting, vile, filthy, impure, lard-ass, chip-munching, cupcake-lunching, cake-snacking, cheeseburger-tummy, greasy-fry thighs whale. Sucking up all the food like a vacuum cleaner. Clean yourself and go on a fucking cleanse, duh.

Put the food down. Close your fucking mouth. Tape it closed, throw that shit out. You clearly don’t need it. Fat ass.

No one complains about thin people sweating. No one complains about thin people wanting to use the arm rest, or sitting down, or walking by them, or wearing pretty clothes. You’re a damn eyesore.

You did this to yourself, now you have to pay for it.

Can you even feel your bones beneath all that fat? That’s what I thought, pig.

You really think he WANTS to touch you?! Your disgusting you fat whore. You know what he’s thinking about when he’s in bed with you? A real woman with enough self control to actually look like a human being, instead of the deformed lard he’s stuck with: YOU

Starving is the only way.

How much do you weigh?…I didn’t know scales went up that high.

Aren’t you scared your lover will drown in your fat while in bed with you?

On the bright side, you can use your fat folds to store more food.

Where do you by your clothes? I have never seen anything that big where I shop.

~Robin ❤

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